How to patch a firmware

To begin patching we need several softwares

1. Run QuB and go to Settings tab and select the firmware that you are going to patch

2. Then go to the menu item: Tools and select the tab: APPS

3. Here, select the file from the firmware: apps_compressed.bin
4. And the press: Create APPS Patch and set the folder to save the finished file
5. Download the patches you want from Patche Collection
6. Copy them to The root folder of the \ Firmware Version \ Patches \ , for example: qub \ S5620MFJF1 \ Patches \

7. Go to tab: Patches and set the checkbox next to the patches that we want to embed to the firmware 
6. Then click the button: Create Patch_Block and specify where to save it.
8. Run Multiloader 5.56
9. Select BRCM2133
10. Click Amss and brows to the *.bin file that we created in step 4
11. Click Rsrc2 and brows to the *.rc2 file that we created in step 6
(Make sure you ticked the check boxes in front of Amss and Rsrc2)
12. Connect the phone in Kies mode and click Port search 
13. Then tick the com port says Ready - [Monte]
14. Now click Download and after the process finish phone will automatically restart
15. To access main patch menu turn off the phone and hold lock button and power button